Meet the Team

  • DrYedo
    Dr. David Yedo
    DVM & Owner

    David Yedo grew up on the property where he eventually built his practice of 43 years, Allbrick Veterinary Clinic LLC, in Federal Heights, Colorado. He has lived in Westminster and Federal Heights his whole life and he’s proud to have stayed and developed a thriving practice in his home-town community. 

    He knew from a young age his career would involve animals. As a child he raised over a hundred homing pigeons. His other pets included bantam chickens, goats, snakes, squirrels, chipmunks, dogs, cats, and a turtle. According to his mother, Ruby, it wasn’t always easy. She tells about coming home to find that David’s garter snake had given birth to 20 little green babies, all of whom were small enough to escape the wire top cage and were happily exploring the entire house. She put an end to certain animals in the house. His other time as a youth was spent with confirmation showing of German short-haired pointers, helping with the 60-run dog kennel built by his family, and the Boy Scouts of America (where he earned his Eagle award with two palms).

    In school, David’s other passion was track. He participated and excelled in long distance running. He set several records that were never broken at Ranum High School. He chose Colorado State University for college where he earned an B.S. in microbiology, followed by his veterinary degree.

    After finishing school, he worked for a brief period in veterinary medicine in the area and then decided to start Allbrick Veterinary Clinic in 1982. As he looks back over the 43-year history of the business, he’s still surprised how much its changed. Today, everything in the practice is computerized from appointments to patient files. In the beginning it was just pieces of paper. David was also the only doctor for the first 22 years. Now, there are a total of four doctors to keep things flowing smoothly. 

  • dr. brodnik
    Dr. Jason Brodnik

    Dr. Jason Brodnik was born in Cleveland, OH and remains a strong Cleveland sports fan. He was the youngest member of the Colorado State University Veterinary Class of 1995 and will be celebrating 30 years in small animal practice in 2025. After spending his 1st 3 years of private practice in Las Vegas, Dr. Brodnik returned to Colorado and bought Thornton Animal Hospital, later turning that into Gentle Pet Care Center. Since selling that practice in 2007 he has spent time at some local private hospitals and doing relief work until joining Allbrick Veterinary Clinic in 2014. Nowadays Dr. Brodnik does most of the surgery at Allbrick Veterinary Clinic, from routine spays/neuters to complicated abdominal surgeries and rarely sees appointments. He was one of the first Colorado veterinarians to become Level 1 certified with the American Laser Society back in 2006. Today Allbrick has a Class IV laser used for rehabilitation, injuries, and to speed up wound healing . Dr. Brodnik has been blessed with 6 children, with 25 years between the first and the last. He was a football coach for his oldest son, culminating in spending 4 years coaching football at Mountain Range High School. Nowadays he spends his spare time RVing/camping and fishing with his wife Michelle. In addition to spending time with his young children, he will soon also become a grandfather for the first time. He's also been known to attend George Thorogood concerts, recalling being to concerts in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Boulder, Red Rocks, Arvada, Englewood, and Loveland. There may be a few he doesn't 'recall'.

  • -
    Dr. Rae Valentine

    Dr. Rae Valentine grew up in Rockford Illinois and moved to Colorado in 1979.  She did her undergrad at CU-Boulder and graduated CSU Vet school in 1990.

    Dr. Valentine is a proponent of the human-animal bond, and like working with owners and their geriatric pets.

    In her spare Rae loves to show her horse, Dakar and enjoys time with her Bernese Mountain Dog , Isaac and her Pomeranian Caeser.  She also likes skiing and going to concerts. 

  • Dr. Thomas Canty

     Dr. Thomas Canty is a Florida native who earned his degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Since both of Dr. Canty’s parents are veterinarians, Dr. Canty has been around veterinary medicine his whole life. He knew at a very early age that becoming a veterinarian was his life’s passion. Dr. Canty loves every aspect of veterinary
    medicine and takes pride in his relationships with his patients and their owners. Dr. Canty is currently residing in Colorado as his fiancé finishes up her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at CSU. During his time in Colorado, Dr. Canty has thoroughly appreciated all that the state of Colorado has to offer. Dr. Canty and his fiancé enjoy the Colorado outdoors and frequently hike, trails, and ski.   

  • amy
    Amy Dalla
    Office Manager

    Amy Dalla our office manager was born and raised in Commerce City, Colorado. 

    She now lives in Westminster and went to ABC (Animal Behavior College) online and became a Certified Vet Assistant in 2011. After doing her externship at Allbrick, she was hired in April 2012. 

    She was recently promoted to Office Manager in January 2022 and will be going on 12 years at Allbrick Veterinary Clinic in April 2024.

    She has been with her partner, Robert, for 22 years and has one teenage daughter.  Dexter her Bull Terrier Mix and Quasimodo (Quasi) her cat.

  • vince
    Kennel Manager

    Bio coming soon.

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