Dog Training

Puppies and adult dogs can benefit greatly from dog training at Allbrick Veterinary Clinic LLC. Many owners struggle with teaching their dog good behaviors and basic commands, like sit, stay and heel, and preventing unwanted behaviors, like begging for table scraps and laying on the furniture. Our practice offers puppy and adult dog training services so that you and your dog can learn and grow together.

Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training provides both you and your dog with lifelong benefits. During the training process, your dog will learn how to behave around other animals and humans. He or she will become better socialized. You and your dog will form a closer bond, and you’ll both be much happier in the short and long-term.

  • Help you and your dog understand each other
  • Helps keep your dog safe
  • Learn how to correct unwanted behaviors
  • Teach your dog basic commands, like sit, stay and heel

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Trainer giving a command to dog

Allbrick Veterinary Clinic LLC utilizes positive reinforcement dog training. This type of training is great for all ages, breeds and sizes of dogs because it rewards your dog every time he or she does something correctly. For example, if you tell your dog to sit and he or she sits, you then shower praise and affection on your dog and/or give them a treat, which reinforces the behavior and helps with long-term consistency. This type of training can help with correcting unwanted behaviors and instilling obedience so that you can reach your training goals.

Dog Training in Denver

Allbrick Veterinary Clinic LLC offers training for dogs and puppies in a safe, loving environment. During each class, we will teach you tips and tricks for helping your dog understand what to do and how to behave when you give a specific command. When your dog performs the task correctly, we encourage you to either shower your pet with praise or offer a treat. In the beginning, we find that treats help reinforce positive behavior, but as your dog learns more and becomes more consistent, showering praise and affection helps your dog learn how to please you.

For more information on our dog training classes call us at (303) 429-1400 today.

Training your Cat

Cats are naturally independent creatures that are not as inclined as dogs are to work for praise or attention. They are also harder to motivate. This does not mean that they cannot be trained, but you will need additional patience.

Just like training a dog, you should reinforce desired behavior by offering positive consequences whilst undesirable behavior should be left unrewarded. However unlike dogs that are happy to be rewarded with affection, positive consequences for cats almost always have to be food-based. Find the food treats that your kitten or cat likes best. These could be small chunks of meat, tuna or commercial cat treats.

Some people use a clicker or a pen with a clicking function to train their feline friends. Clicking at the precise moment that your cat performs desirable behavior helps them to make the association which the positive consequence then reinforces.

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