House-Breaking Approach


When we designed our daycare, we also wanted owner's to feel comfortable about their dogs' house-breaking training. There is nothing worse than taking your dogs to a strictly indoor facility and having the confusion that occurs when the dogs have to relieve themselves. At Allbrick Doggie Daycare, we have taken extraordinary steps to help your pet avoid confusion and maintain house-breaking training.

First, we designed the interior of our facility to resemble a house with a yard. The interior office and bathroom was constructed with exterior wood, a sloping roof, and a chimney. Like most houses, there are concreted sidewalks and an (artificial) grass area. If the dog relieves himself inside the facility, the solid will be picked up immediately and the remaining residue or urine will be washed down and the water will be taken two-and-a-half feet below the turf where a drain will carry the water away through the sewer system. This will greatly decrease any urine and stool smell, thus decreasing your pets tendency to "re-mark" an area and your pet will not go home smelling like urine.

Of course, our indoor facility is heated in the winter and has a commercial grade evaporative cooling system for the summer. But wait, there's more! One side of our building has two garage doors that can be opened revealing our secured outdoor areas. During good weather, the doors will be left open and your pet will have access to a covered patio environment with over 7,500 square feet of Kentucky Bluegrass. Now this is house-breaking training supported to the max!

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